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My first impressions of this site were generally positive — the layout is crisp and clean, and includes a sidebar, a main column for text, and a cool original header. The color combination in the text areas — a black font on a purplish background — is a bit hard to read, but it’s not terribly distracting, once you get used to the look.

The author of ‘…leave your ego at the door’ is Glory, who’s currently in high school and using her site to capture her thoughts and experiences. The archives (which are accessible from a popup window opened from a link on the top menu) extend back to last February, though Glory writes that she’s been blogging elsewhere for a couple of years, as well. Digging into the archives, the first few posts are pretty much what I expected from the FAQ provided on the sidebar — most of the entries deal with school, Glory’s friends, and the ups and downs of growing up.

Don’t get the wrong impression, though. This is no quick-hit, ‘l33t-speak’ weblog. Glory’s posts are substantial in size, well-written, and generally focused on a specific topic. She’s very articulate, and her personality really comes through in each entry. The language may be a bit rough for some, and it’s risque at times, but I for one enjoyed Glory’s writing.

On the technical side, there are a few extras here — a tag board and guestbook, plus a couple of separate ‘about’ pages available on the top menu. Many of the other features commonly seen in blogs are missing, however. It appears that the site is completely hand-coded; while I give kudos to Glory for taking the time to do so, it would be nice to also have features like comments and trackbacks to foster further interest and a greater sense of community.

Overall, I was impressed with the content of ‘…leave your ego at the door’. It’s a quality weblog, written by a young author with eloquence beyond her years. I wish it was updated more frequently — there’s typically a week or more between posts, and none so far in March — but the content that is there is often funny and always interesting. I might suggest that Glory look into a full-featured blogging package or site to make her blogging job easier, but she’s doing just fine in the writing department as it is. I rate this site a four out of five.

Notable Quote: ‘Every female who has undergone puberty understands being emotional and moody, it comes with the boobs.’..leave your ego at the door

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