Review 2580

Upon entering this weblog, the first thing that caught my eye was a guitar at the very top of the page. After seeing this, I naturally assumed that this was probably a blog discussing music.

However , at this point I started reading her main entries. From what I understand, the authour (Kelly), is a college student from “San Antino Texas”. I also realized that the blog was not solely about music as I had assumed in the beginning.

After reading her main entries, I went looking through her archives, to simply get a better feel and idea of exactly what the blog represented.

The blog is basically about the authours every day life. Basically, the only musical things she has on there, is a little segment she has every Monday called “Musical Monday”. This is where she just puts the title and lyrics to a song every Monday. She also has little musical notes posted after each entry.

Kelly writes about things from partying with her friends, to her college exams, to problems she has in her social life as well.There are a few exceptional entries that did stand out in my mind. One of them being a particular topic that went like this.


Muster is one of our most honored and revered traditions at Texas A&M. Beyond all things, this day holds the greatest significance for us. It bonds us and binds us one to the other. Our allegiance to one another, to Aggies, is exemplified as we stand in unison, worldwide, and remember those who have passed.

During Muster, we Call the Roll of the Departed, and during this solemn event, Aggies who knew the person are to answer “Here” for that person, to signify that they are never parted from the Aggie family, though they have departed from this earth… in accordance with the greatest honour: once an Aggie, always an Aggie.

Muster started as a small gathering in 1883, and has grown to a worldwide event, with thousands gathering around the globe.

I found this entry quite interesting to say the least. It was as if I were hearing a history lesson.

The second entry that caught my attention was an entry entitled “WTF?”,which you can find in Kelly’s archives. I must warn you , it is of an adult nature, but interesting in itself. Once you check it out, you will understand what I mean.

The other entries that really got my attention, were entries she has on there that are restricted. The reason I say they got my attention, is the fact that you are unable to read them unless you have a passcode. That is something you really don’t see on too many weblogs, (if any).Therefor, I was unable to read those entries because of course, I don’t have the passcode. However, I did like the idea .In my opinion, more weblogs should do the same.

Kelly has several links on the right hand side, including a photoblog ( a real nice touch), a quote board (which I also found to be a lot of an adult nature), and several other links. She also has a few dropdown menus. One of them is titled “Websites I Love”. I really enjoyed looking over those. There are some interesting and even humour sites listed there.

To sum it all up, I found Kelly’s blog a very interesting read. I like the way the page is layed out, the design is very neat. The only fault I have, is the color. It is a purple , white, and pink. The writing is black , and therefor, the colors make it a little hard on the eyes.

All in all, I hope Kelly’s blog is around for a long while. An enjoyable read.Stumbling Upon Serendipity