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There’s something about the English that I adore. I don’t know if it’s just the cute accent in which they speak (and often write), or the sheer differences in lifestyles regardless of how modern each country seems to be. The easiest thing to find about the author of Hate Week is who he is and a quick rundown of such. I can’t help but admit that there was a small part of me that half expected to see this site be one of those seemingly humorous sites bashing and making fun of whatever happens to be in the media at the time. Lucky for me, this site is actually anything but. “Hate Week” actually comes from the book, 1984, and sadly it’s been so long since I read the book I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember the reference.

The content of the blog is actually quite fullfilling. Andrew, the author, warns the author to “suspect grammar and spelling abound,” however, I can’t find much that shows that. The entries are very interesting to read about various different things going on in his life. One of the things I check most often is why a blog was started, and you learn that Andrew originally started on LiveJournal. His entries are very interesting, at least for me. He writes a bit about what’s going on recently in his life, something going on at school, conversations he’s has with friends and family, then proceeds to mention tidbits about comics, books, music, art, etc. Had it not been for Andrew, I might not have read one of the funniest articles ever. He writes often and well. Most of the entries are quite amusing. I can’t help but find his little mini-rants about American news to be quite humorous. Not to mention his great taste in music.

Onto design. The main portion of the site is quaint. Nothing extravagant or over the top, but It works, and is very functional. The archive pages are very plain making the reading of entries easy, but navigation a little more difficult. Text is easy to read, and the blog itself is easy to navigate. Nothing much to be said about the design otherwise. Functionality is definately better than visually appealing.

Andrew gives you a lot of little extras in his entries. I definately enjoy the older entries as opposed to the newer ones. Where I mention above about his tid-bits on comics, books, music ect. While the newer entries are more personal, still funny and a good read, I missed having the little article bits after reading so much of the archives. He does, however, incorporate various subjects into the actual entry portion now.

Overall this blog was a fun read. I enjoyed it very much. The author updates on a regular basis, giving his readers an opportunity to interact with him without falling into the blog blackhole, only to suddenly come back. This blog review was an easy one to do because I enjoyed reading it. Hate Week

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