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At last, a different template. The trouble with the blogs is that most of them carry similar templates, thankfully the template of this blog is quite unique, with the sidebar taking about 40 % of the space. Also, Hugo has put the links in a drop-down menu, something that I have not seen in any other blog.

The writer is a Dutch school going kid who, like any other school kid, is influenced by sports, school-violence and other such school/teen-related stuff (penpals, school schedules, etc)

Now, let’s get a little into this blog.. This blog has started just on October 2003 and up to December Hugo maintains the blog as one would maintain a diary.. literally. What
happens in life.. what happens in his life and more what happens in his
life. Take for example..

Am waisting my time at school here. Was supposed to finish something but the messed up mail didn’t include the add-on, so that didn’t happen.

Got my grade back from German, from the test week. Had a 5.7 first, but after a sharp checking by me it was raised till a 6 round.

I’m mighty happy with tests weeks; barely have to do anything, and have most of the day off. What could be better (except for my marks :-P). We need to do this more often is what I figured.

An entry like this once in a while is not uncommon in any given blog, but in here, almost all the entries are more or less like this.

Yes, blogs are nothing but online dairies but there is some degree of difference; and there is expected something other than just the blogger’s life. Perhaps, Hugo seemed to have realized that by the start of Jan 2004, because after that there is a visible improvement on the style of writing. From January there have been many instances of News-related entries, also he adds in some humour in titling the posts. (eg 2nd teacher down, Faceless exchange student, The exchange students gets a face, etc)

Though we are still faced with truckload of personal stuff,
some of which is really boring. (Infact he himself has titled the blog
“Life of Hugo *Booooooring*.)

A little more into site design.. Despite the initial good impression about the template, it turns out that the sidebar vanishes when you are looking at previous archives. As for the colour schemes, they are standard grey text on white background.

There is lots of scope for improvement, in terms of both the site design as well as the writing-attitude. You can call this your average blog next door.

Life of Hugo

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