Review 2500

Like I do with any site I review, I immediately found the “about” section of this site. The first two paragraphs in this part of the site indicate exactly the author’s intent of this site. “This site was intended as a portal into the toronto digital hardcore scene, an opportunity for people who share similar interests in electronic music & dHc to read regular pointless updates, promote events, and converse”, which is followed closely by a paragraph explaining that different ideas and inspirations for the site are constantly changing and keeping the author very busy.

The layout is a simple, standard one. A gray banner at the top, with a bit of original looking artwork, heads a two column layout, including different links on a right hand sidebar. The main menu, the CrushCam, Crushkill Radio, and Media are all different links to other areas around All the links found under the heading Toronto Digital Hardcore are external links the author has accurately found that relate to the content at Crushkill.

A particular feature I was fond of can be found in each entry. At the bottom of individual entry, the author has conveniently placed a link users can click on to email out the particular weblog entry.

Certain entries touch base with the international or political aspects alive in the media using extreme satire. And while reading through the rest of the archives, there are other entries which use extreme satire, and could possibly be found offensive to some people, such as an entry called god bless reality. While some, myself included, may grasp the type of humor that’s displayed in this site, I think the majority of the subject matters at hand aren’t topics that a large portion of people will find as things that can be made fun of or taken lightly enough to laugh at.

There’s both an audio and a video section available at featuring some of the author’s original works.

Overall, I enjoyed the random photos that the author had posted on every single post. There were often times that I felt a bit lost when reading different entries, but those that know more details about the author may be able to follow those posts and better enjoy or understand them. I certainly wouldn’t count this weblog out of the sites that I read frequently; it’s just more of a site that needs to grow on a person.crushkill : digital cynicism