Review 2194

A month later, Katy Raymond’s blog has certainly shown several improvements. Her site immediately caught my eye the first time I visited it, and this time is no different. Katy has maintained her simple, yet highly unique, design – a border of different shapes and symbols, much like a quilted blog. Taking a second look at her blog, I see once again that the border is very much like the author – complex and composed of many different interesting pieces.

Among the several improvements to Katy’s blog are links to additional essays written by her and an RSS feed, a useful feature for those who want to provide live content from her blog on their site. The previous errors that I found in the archives have also been fixed, although these were never a major distraction from the actual content of the site.

As always, I truly enjoyed reading Katy’s blog entries. Alternating between first-person and third-person is a dangerous technique if not handled carefully, but Katy manages to artfully portray her life in this manner. I noticed that her more recent posts have been slightly more detailed and descriptive, a characteristic I personally believe is essential to an interesting blog. What amazes me most, however, is Katy’s cohesiveness and her consistent blogging. Going back over two years, you see that her entries have remained vivid and absorbing. Katy’s blog is the kind that makes you want to keep on coming back to read about her life.

Once again, I recommend that you visit However, I must also remind readers that her blog may not be to your liking – Katy is a very emotive writer. Having reviewed her blog again, I now realize that is a site that you either show complete indifference towards or absolutely love. I am inclined to predict that the majority of readers will fall into the latter category.