Review 2269

It’s really difficult to place Andrew’s Blog in just one category. I think the News/Links category is the one that comes closer to being correct, though it must be pointed out that most of the blog is about computers, software and technology.

What really surprised me is how interesting Andrew’s Blog actually is. I got stuck reading the entries and ended up finding lots of useful information. Andrew also posts about the software he is working on and that makes some good reading.

The archives are really good in this blog. Posts are stored chronologically and by category. This makes searching for content much easier and faster and it’s always appreciated by a reader.

The design is a simple template, which is almost always a good thing, but it could use some work especially in the way the posts look. Sometimes it looks a bit unorganized.

Andrew’s Blog is a good, interesting site. The only warning that must be made to potential readers is that the contents are really specific and computer oriented. So if you are interested in these topics, you should definitely go check out this site.Andrew’s Blog at

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