Review 2237

Every once in a while I run across a site with a name that makes me go “Why didn’t I think of this”. “Same shit, different day” is such a blog. In it, Brianne, an Aerospace student at Boulder, takes us into her life, and the world of prose and lyrics that surround her.

Yet another ego-blog? Jupp, but a good one. First there’s Brianne’s collection of drinking games. Should this review read a little sluggish, it’s because I had to try some of them. They work. Next there’s the day-to-day part of this eight month old blog. During my voyage, I came across a venerable collection of ego-posts, “What kind of … are you” test results, and the eventual rants and raves of a student. That’s how I’d like an ego blog to be.

Unfortunately, as readable and fun as the blog itself prove to be, the clumsiness of its navigational features, the lack of RSS feeds, and its choice of colors and fonts poked visible dents into my overall impression. Brianne uses shorturl for her blog, making it impossible to bookmark individual pages easily or to get URLs for your linking pleasure. The light-blue on light-gray blogskin impairs readability as much as the lack of back- and forward navigation eats away on reading fun.

Faced with a difficult decision as to how to rate this blog, I sought help in the author’s voice itself, and found Brianne on AIM. A few pleasant lines of communication later, I now am convinced that my rating is correct – and will even be slightly too low after she finds time and muse to address the issues outlined above. Nice doing, Brianne, keep up the blogging, kill the bugs, and you’ll have one more reader in me.Same Shit, Different Day

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