Review 2465

I clicked on to a very black and white site. It was like looking at a nighttime vision of a blog! I noticed that it looked quite well laid out, navigation on the left, title and the main text section. The text was comic sans and quite large which made it easier to read. Quick to load, though somewhat startling on my eyes! Nice and easy navigation to follow, it looked very user friendly to use.

There was a lot to cover in this review as Matthew has 3 blogs. The bible blog has a reading for each day and Matthews thoughts on the reading. The tech blog covers everything that you can image to do with computers!! I have to be honest and tell you that a lot of it was over my head!

The blog that I read the most of was Matthews personal blog. There are a lot of reference in there to God and Matthew is in the middle of making a big life decision. It appears that Matthew is one of the world’s greatest optimists, and a lot of his entries have a moral within the posting. He is also a very open man, and I was touched when I read about his cat dying, which lead him to tell you of his inability to cope with death. Some of the posts are long, but they make an interesting read and really allow you to get to know Matthew. The posts are all very varied. He sometimes posts links, posts silly items and sometimes posts really deep thoughts. You can meet his rabbits, that are in magic training too! They do get more personal as the blog gathers age.

Matthew is also a magician and he makes references to this in his blog. He also has a section on his site relating to his magical side! If you go back to the May archives, you can see a photo of him with his magical face!

When you first enter the blog, you only get to see entries for a few days, so in order to see all the current months entries, you need to click on the current months archives.

I liked the fact that when you clicked onto any other pages, they all carried the exact same design. I liked that as you knew that you were still in Matthews World! Matthew has 3 blogs, a personal, a technical and a bible blog. All have the same template. All the links worked, and all the archives were there carrying the same template. It was a very organised and very easy to use site.

The continuation of the design was the biggest bonus for me. You knew that you were still in Matthews World. The archives were well organised and the site was clutter free. I liked the fact that you can read all about Matthew and read some very personal and inner thoughts. He also offers you various magic performances!

I really enjoyed reading this site. He is a magician, he studied the performing art of mime and is also studying a major in computer programming! This is all added to his love of music and love of X-box gaming! All of this comes through in his posts and makes an interesting blog! This blog does have a religious theme, and Matthew is an optimist, and a magician, so you can imagine just how interesting this blog is once you start reading. I think, that over time, Matthew will get a following of die hard readers.

Mystical Matthew’s Wacky Weblog