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Tim Samoff//Weblog is a quiet, unassuming, gentle little gem of a journal. When I first arrived at the page, I was pleased by the easy-on-the-eyes design. I usually don’t like blogs with dark backgrounds unless they’re done well, which Samoff’s is.

Whenever I visit a blog or journal for the first time, I always make a point of reading any background information the author gives before jumping into the archives. I like to get a feel for the person behind the entries. Samoff’s biographical tidbits are interesting. He’s a teacher, an artist, a musician, a student, and a husband. I felt like I had a small grasp of who he was before I even started reading the journal itself.

The journal archives extend back to 2000. The earlier entries, however, are sporadic. There are breaks in the journal ranging from six months to a year and a half. It seemed like I was reading bits and pieces from older journals. I later found out I was correct. In a newer post, Tim explains that he “backblogged” entries from older journals. It makes the beginning of the journal seem a bit disjointed, but I won’t complain since Samoff’s entries are so enjoyable. The current blog began in May of this year, and is frequently updated.

His entries are both introspective and amusing, usually at the same time, as in an entry from May of this year that goes from wondering if he’s spending his time here on Earth as he should to detailing a parking ticket he got while he was in court paying a fine from an earlier traffic violation. He often accentuates his entries with pictures, most of which are well chosen and unobtrusive.

Samoff’s Christianity and relationship with God is a frequent topic of conversation. I found the posts dealing with his spirituality refreshing and thought-provoking. You don’t need to be a Christian to relate to Tim’s quest for a deeper understanding of his own spirituality.

He also writes quite often (and extremely fondly) of his family. His demeanor and attitude, at least from what can be gleaned from his writing, reveals him as a thoughtful, funny man. So often, blogs rely on sarcasm and cynicism to attract readers. It’s refreshing to come across a writer like Samoff who writes openly and honestly, free from pretension.

The design of the blog is simple, pleasing and easy to navigate. The varying shades of blue against black are soothing. The archives flow together nicely and I found no broken links or images.

One of the nice surprises on Samoff’s weblog is the links to his artwork and music. Samoff is a talented musician and digital artist. His animations are fabulous and well worth a peek.

Tim Samoff//Weblog is a great find. His writing is warm, open, and honest. You won’t find a lot of scathing commentary or politics, but you will find a genuine journaler with a good heart and a quick mind.
Tim Samoff // Weblog

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