Review 2401

I immediately felt peaceful when I came to this site due to the lovely picture of a country road! I liked the simple but effective effect it had on eyes and how easy it was to see what this site was offering.

There are some lovely photos on this site, this person has a keen eye for a good picture. I liked it as it broke up the entries and some of the pictures were breath taking. There are also a fair amount of links placed in the entries for other sites or items of interest. The content is a mixture of personal information and entries that are of interest to the author. It, in my opinion, makes a good mix of things to read. The entries give you an insight into Yasers mind, which is interesting if you are as nosey as me. You get a sense of Yasers passion for his reading and his writing. You also get to hear why it is that Yaser finds it so hard to sleep! You may also find what it is that he thinks he is missing!

I liked the design as it was nice and simple. I liked the clean white background, and the way that the text was boxed for easy reading. All the links are neatly packed away in the side bar. Everything has its own place, and I liked that. I could not see that anyone could get lost here!

It is a lovely clean cut and easy to use site. I liked the fact that when you click through the archives, you are told that you are browsing archives so that you do not get lost. I like easy to use and clean cut sites, so I am a fan of this design. I also liked the mixture of personal and topical entries, and especially enjoyed some of the photos.

This is a good read. I liked the mixture of content, the photos, the personal stories, the links to other site of interest to Yaser. I liked the added benefit of the book reviews. I like the way that Yasers passion about both reading and his own writing come across in this site. I enjoyed my visit there. The photos alone are worth a visit. – To die, to sleep…no more

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