Review 2274

Karan’s disclaimer of “IVLIHAHHFAIALBS” kind of threw me off at first – the long acronym turns out to stand for “I’m very lucky. I have a happy healthy family and I am loved… but sometimes….” I realized this is a great notice to post on a journal, especially given the number of whiny authors out there. But Karan isn’t as whiny as some, and she balances her complaints with stories about her family and links.

The links she finds are great, too. They’re not always “finds” – sometimes she mentions a commonly known site of a major corporation – but she offers specific reasons why the site is good. She also keeps a list of the sites she’s linked to, but unfortunately you’re sent directly to the site rather than to her entry about why she felt it was worth mentioning. You can search her blog, though, so it’s not impossible to find that information.

Karan’s cast page is actually useful, mentioning not only people and pets but also her location and the tools she uses for her site. I especially like that she links to the appropriate anchor anytime she mentions somebody who is on the cast page.

That’s about all there is to Karan’s site, though. She’s got a short page of links and a brief biography, but nothing more (that I could find). I don’t even see a way to leave comments, so when I found an entry I liked I had no way to tell her I appreciated what she wrote.

I’m rating Karan’s site a 3.5 because while I really like her blog’s content, her somewhat drab design and lack of outreach to readers left me feeling somewhat disconnected.Flummel, Flummer, Flummo WeBLog

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