Review 2250

[an exercise in narcissism] at first sight looks like it won’t be easy to read mainly because of the color scheme. Later I found out that not only the colors make it difficult to read, but also the actual writing.

While most times the posts tend to get overcomplicated, some of them are undeniably poetic and some beautiful phrases stick out in the middle of long paragraphs.

The design adds to the complicated and heavy atmosphere of the blog. The dark colors fit the theme of the blog, but a better color scheme could help in making this a more readable blog. In the blogger’s defense, this is a very new site so the design obviously still requires lots of tweaks, or maybe a whole makeover.

As a writer, there is not doubt that the author is very talented. Most posts are well constructed and the choice of words is perfect. But the problem is that there seems to be no purpose behind this site, at least no purpose that’s clear to a regular reader.

The writer has the possibility of turning this into a really good blog, but it needs lots of work and maybe a change in the way it’s focused. As this is a public weblog, the author must think about the people who will actually read it.
The blog feels too much like something that could be a private collection of poetry. The writing is beautiful, but most times it just feels like it’s coming from too far away. [an exercise in narcissism]

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