Review 2304

So, Mr Harpoon was sounding good. He used to be a baby model, everyone thinks he’s a “nice guy”, he writes, can put both his legs behind his head and has great personal hygiene. But then he began to show a disturbing obsession with Liverpool FC and admitted that he thought Paul McCartney gave off “mystique.” Why is it that just when a man is beginning to sound interesting he brings up the two most boring subjects in the world: football and Paul McCartney?

Luckily provides a separate page on football, so if it’s not your thing you can avoid that page and stick with the main weblog. This is quite media related and a typical day’s post will discuss MP3s or films/movies. There is a large variety as the author seems to have quite eclectic tastes so you never really go a page without seeing a comment about a film you’ve seen or an album you enjoy. The personal aspect of the site is delivered mostly through quizzes and surveys, such as the Friday Five. Coming back to the football though, you never quite escape it. Somehow it creeps into every page.

The site’s layout is simple with a red and grey colour scheme. I’m guessing it’s another Liverpool thing. The layout worked okay, if a little dull, but I found the writing hard to read against the dark grey background. It was also frustrating to be greeted with a ‘password needed’ message when I clicked on the pics link. I’d like to think that there are illicit photos in there of the author himself, but seeing as you can email him for a password I imagine it’s just a personal thing.

I get the impression that for other die-hard Liverpool supporters this site would be a dream come true. For the rest of us there’s something to be found in the more personal and entertainment related posts. The only advice I’d give the author is in regard to the layout and football: a lighter background and some therapy are needed.

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