Review 2329

There were so many things about this site that made it stand out. Humor was definitely a big one of those. And just for Jay’s peace of mind, I’ll try to refrain from using the word “blog” on a regular basis. Jay does have a point when he says it’s not the most attractive of words to come along.

With a site that’s over two years old, a very complete set of archives is available at “Nerd in America”, even dating back to 1987. The archives are available indexed either by the month or by the category, and with categories like “Geekery”, “TV review”, and “Anecdote”, there’s surely something for everyone in the reading of this site.

Now the reading – I couldn’t get enough of it. I decided to peruse the archives by catagory, and run down the list in alphabetical order. The “Anecdote” category was great. The author has a knack for writing his stories with enough detail to almost put you right there with him as he’s experiencing the things he shares. The way Jay tells stories is definitely a plus.

There are several different categories that deal with reviews of different things: books, games, video games, TV, music, and movies. When Jay reviews something, he really does a thorough job of it. If he likes something, he can explain it wonderfully. If he doesn’t like something, he justifies it very easily. His critiques, for the most part, are quite unbiased. You easily understand Jay’s point towards something and can tell which way his feelings lie, but doesn’t try to do so in a persuasive or argumentative manner.

The layout and visual appeal of the site was good. I was greeted with a huge header logo, but it wasn’t overwhelming. You’re invited by the author to “waste your time more than before reading all my shit”. And he advises that the site “looks bestest in Mozilla”, but it looked just fine in IE for me. There’s more than just the weblog available as well. There’s a section for photos, and another section called “Geekery”, which is chock full of more information about things our author enjoys.

I got a kick out of visiting this site. There were so many different things to read about, and the writer has a flair for developing easy to read entries. Why wouldn’t someone enjoy reading something like that?

Nerd in America