Review 1438

Any time I see a blogspot blog there’s a part of me that really wants to squirm in my seat. Are the archives going to work correctly? Is it going to be terribly slow? Ironically, this blog doesn’t generally fall into the same category of most blogspot blogs. You want to know what’s really nice? The picture of some kind of art that this author has; it truly is nice.

If you go back to the humble beginnings of the blog you’ll find that this author is a student at Northern Arizona University, studying Criminal Justice. His entries are very well written and quite humorous. He tells of the adventures of dorm living, and the dramas of people who, according to the author, “never escaped the first grade mentality.” For anyone who hasn’t ever lived on a college campus or in close quarters with lots of people, this is the blog to help explain the drama that’s spills forth. There are a number of entries of the author’s thoughts on random different things happening around him. He’s often touching on the philosophical, which is very interesting to read. There’s a slew of intelligence oozing from this blog, even with the occasional misspelling. He is utterly hilarious with his nicknames for J-lo, and his entry titles. They very much draw more attention to some entries rather than others.

The design isn’t bad. There’s not a lot of ruddy code filling up the blank spaces, so you’re left with only the content of the blog to fill in the gaps. Lucky for the reader, the blog definitely fills those spaces with loads of content. Some of the colors work better than others; the purple for the comments is easy to read, while the teal for the “posted by” is really difficult to see. Would you like to know what’s truly wonderful?? Considering that this is a blogspot blog, the archives actually work. So there are many weeks of writing goodness to go back and read, enjoy, and experience.

The archives are part of a wholly different page, which might be a good part of the reason why they work. So you’re not stuck having to worry about them working on some pages and not others, which often happens with blogspot. This is a nice feature. There isn’t an about me page, but you learn very much about the author through his entries. You’d have to read through to understand his ideas on religion, school, and the male mentality towards sports.

This isn’t a site that would visually bring me back again and again, but the content is definitely worth another visit. Just reading the site for the review I wanted to leave comments and reactions to so many of the things that I either understood, or wanted to share two cents with. Its main audience is probably more the college-age readers, but there are many other wonderful things to find even if you are younger or older than this age range. Ruminations