Review 622

How Not To Fly has only one problem that I could find… I couldn’t stop reading it. But more on that later.

The page loads with a standard two column layout that was used about 5 years ago as it is using frames. But that is ok, because the author actually read how to use frames and does targeting very well. The left column has all of your standard links and the right column has all of the content. One nice feature is that you can “exit the frames” if you wish for a simpler layout.

The posts are all about news headlines and stories. The author takes these headlines, quotes, whatever he finds funny and posts it. But then it gets better. Most of them continue on with his version of the story. Of course it is just made up stuff, but most of it is extremely funny.

Of course, some of the funnier posts will be about politics, but the topics range from politics, to lawsuits, to nature, to just the obscure post. Even though reading older posts may be out dated (because of the content matter) they are still funny and provide some laughs.

But the site isn’t limited to just random funny posts. The author one ups himself by adding a review section of movies (done mostly serious), a guidance section which I found to be very funny, memories of his childhood, emails with interesting responses, and then stories while he was in the service. Add these to the already impressive posts in the blog itself and you have one fully packed weblog that will take up a lot of your time reading.

Over all we have a very well done site that is hard to stop reading. Take a couple minutes each day to read a week or twos worth of posts. If you are feeling bad about something at work, take a 5 minute break to read this site as it will cheer you up. I cannot stress how much I enjoyed reading this site, and hope you will too.
How Not To Fly