Review 2327

Dearie Me! I thoroughly enjoyed this blog. The standard blogger template is nothing to get excited about, to be sure. It is a very simple layout, with no pictures or links to get in the way of the entries. This blog is all about the writing. And what superb writing it is.

The blog is subtitled `Diary of a divorce’, and does focus at times on the author and his family situation. However, entry subjects range from noisy co-workers to…how should I say this…
snotlets in the loo
(an entry that made me laugh out loud).

Another entry about childhood memories and fire extinguishers was well-crafted and highly entertaining. In fact, a good deal of the entries in this blog are entertaining. Some entries are heart-wrenching, though, and the author isn’t afraid to put his uncomfortably painful feelings into prose.

There is no `About’ page, and although entries are peppered with interesting tidbits about the author, I would like to see a section with a bit of a biography. A picture of the author or his children would be nice to see as well. It’s always interesting to put a face with someone’s words.

Bottom line: An engrossing, entertaining, well-written blog. I plan to bookmark it and return regularly.Dearie Me

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