Review 2352

Hmm, initial thoughts about this one? I thought it would be just about as interesting as watching grass grow in a desert. Layout is not very sharp, very dull colors making me think about it raining, I thought I would be in for a really exciting hour or two. Then I actually started looking around.

I soon found the reason, as I read weblogs in reverse chronological order, so I understand better where the blogger is coming from. “My philosophy with this site is that as far as possible it should be ‘pure’ hypertext, and that there should be no intrusion of the machinery of web navigation into the surface level.” That was one wonder out of my mind. Another huge plus, for me, is that there is not repetative posts talking about how his day at school went. Each post has a point, and instead of 500 posts telling a story, he tells many short stories to explain his views on life. Every blog is more of an insight into his life that a review of his past 24 to 48 hours. This blog lets you into his life between how his father battles cancer, to his rather funny views on batteries. It is intrigueing as it is a roller coaster ride, one post can be on the humorous side, followed by sadening news about his father, and once again followed by a blog about a historical event. Sadly the blog is only in its infancy. A short eight months with with anywhere from five to ten posts a month.

As stated in his philosophy of what he wants from his site, eloquence was not his main goal. I think this idea matches his style, hes dirrect and does not feed you dirt. Afterall a weblog isnt about looking at backgrounds. In my mind, he does not have to compensate a lack of decent blogs with a great looking website. Every blog is great, and once you start reading his blogs, design is an afterthought. Although it is easy to read, it is not the easiest to navigate, it took me a good minute or two to find the link to the archives.

A Feature I found VERY attractive is his comment system. Anyone can post their ideas about his blogs. It’s a little touch of interactiveness that I find a wonderful addition. Also quite amusing is that he lists his blog on a virtual Stock exchange called Blog Shares, found at

I give this site a 3.5. It has wonderful blogs, even better storyline to read. Great for someone with a few hours to browse a website. Gramatical errors are relativly prevalent, but nothing that cannot be made out. A better navigation and more enticing colors may be a good addition but as we know, it is all about the content, and this site has it.Sharp Blue