Review 2273

The first entry you read on a weblog determines whether you’ll read on or quickly jump to the sidebar for some random links to save you from imminent boredom. This was not the case in ‘Next-to-the Last Song’; a desirable weblog devised by a chap named Jason Killingworth. The first entry made me laugh inside.. I rarely do that when I read some blogs. His attempt at describing his feelings for waking up late for work using an elongated ‘metaphor’ is highly amusing and somewhat questions his sanity..

Following entries are consistently amusing, but not as deliberate as I’ve seen in some weblogs. The font size is a bit small but compliments the tidy & neutral layout. Checked an archive (discovered it to be in a completely different layout to the index), and indulged in some of the entries dating back to 2001. Many of them honest & equally delicious in substance and knowledge. The archives also appeared in a different window which, in a way, made it easier to navigate & physically separated the past from the present. However there weren’t any commenting capabilities on these pages. Its always the author’s discretion as to whether they feel it necessary to have commenting throughout their blog, but I personally feel that any opportunties for interactivity for your visitors should be taken.

I was hoping to discover the basics and background of Jason, but to my dismay, there were no leads, except for a few links to his published works elsewhere on the net; being a variety of enchanting (& obviously popular) prose. Not surprising, as his literary skills are intensely unique & satisfying.

Suggestions in hand, the main index image background should be the same colour as the page background.. I always find things like that somewhat unnerving. I also couldn’t find any archives for 2003. Was there a specific reason, or am I blind? Additionally, some more general information about the author would be truly appreciated. Although reading through the blog would illustrate a partially detailed picture, you need a starting block to fill in the simple gaps.Next-to-Last Song

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