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As The Frozen South really does look everything like a personal blog to me, I have re-categorized it under ‘Personal’ instead of the original ‘Entertainment’.

Not that The Frozen Guy doesn’t provide entertainment; he does. He has as ‘entertaining’ and dramatic a history of love as the average person can have, and because he shares with his readers the details, unashamed, it makes very good reading. Of course I had to put it under ‘Personal’.

Colorful love life aside, The Frozen Guy is an able writer. Almost all of his posts are short in length (brevity makes easy reading) but packed with interesting content. Another unexpected plus point of The Frozen South is the comments between The Frozen Guy and regular readers. Amidst the predictable warm support and encouragement, there are personal stories shared by the readers in response to The Frozen Guy’s posts. Of course, the best ones are the ones that come after the posts about his love life.

As for the layout, there is really nothing to pick or praise – a blogspot page with clean lines and a white background.

The Frozen South is undeniably a Personal blog, written by a sensitive guy who has a knack of giving readers what they want. Head over for a look. You might find yourself sympathizing with his predicaments and sharing your own.

The Frozen South

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