Review 2202

“Writing Daze,” the name of this journal, may just have left me in a sort of daze … I guess … but what does daze mean exactly? Well, Webster defines ‘daze’ in this way: “To stun, as with a heavy blow or shock; stupefy.” I think the name of this journal should honestly be re-thought as there really isn’t anything mind-blowing or shocking about the writing found here. I wasn’t shocked, I wasn’t stunned — I may have been stupefied, but that was just a byproduct of gazing (not to be mistaken with dazing) at these rather boring words for too long.

To be fair, I must admit that the writing here isn’t horrible — it’s just not very interesting. The author is very literal and dreadfully dry.

I am a fan of creative writing — just as I’m a fan of abstract art. There’s nothing abstract or creative about these writings … the entries are simplistic, and do not even scratch the surface of complexity. She’s everyday … And I honestly think that the author finds solace in simplicity; it’s a comfort-zone. Staying true to my above statement, I’m drawn to sites and web logs which have attractive or catchy designs. This web log had neither. The design does reflect the writing however, in that it’s boring. I believe, in fact, that this is a template — and not even a good one.

Constructively, I’d ask that this author step out of this monotonous comfort-zone and find depth within herself. It’s not an easy task to reflect and/or go against the ego … but it’s important, especially when writing in a journal which serves the purpose of self-discovery. This journal was rated the way it was because it lacks too much to be considered with the good one’s. However, and you can call me a romantic, I think this site and journal could greatly improve — with insight and a whole lot of boundary breakin’.Writing Daze

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