Review 2324

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering this site is a sexy picture of an anime character with sassy shoes and a perfect body. Mmmmmmmm. But the anime girl isn’t the only eye-candy you’ll find here. The site layout is anything but boring, and there are plenty of good pictures to look at, including some of the blogger herself.

Billie, the teen author, started the site as a `Friendship site’, and it turned into a place for fans of the Dark Angel television series to visit, and finally, has become a blog. I could only find entries dated from March 10, 2003-current. Billie writes about what goes on in her life, and entries seem to cover the typical emotions of a teenager. She used to live in New Zealand, and is Chinese. I get the impression that she is currently living in Hong Kong, but blog entries don’t make her whereabouts entirely clear.

The blog part of this site is on the left, and you can scroll down to read all of the existing entries, and to see what her mood is and who she is talking and listening to. On the right just above the anime girl are links to her guestbook, a little `about’ page, her original home page, and her links page.

This is a neat-looking blog, but seems to be written more for a group of the author’s friends than random visitors. Of course, you can always check it out just to admire the anime girl if teen blogging is not your thing. Dark Angel

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