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I visited “My Travel to Belgium” several times, and I still haven’t really been able to appreciate it in the manner which the author created it. I thought perhaps this would be a very thorough piece of insight into what Belgium is like by someone that had been there. It didn’t really fulfill my expectations at all.

The first entry gives an explanation of the weblog. The author explains it as follows: “This is a weblog on Belgium. I am an Iranian journalist and plan to visit Belgium from 7April for two weeks. So you will hear more soon.”

The layout is a basic three column format, but the template that is used is definitely one of my least favorite Blogger templates. The pink and white animal paw background and the pink and peach colors didn’t really match up well with the weblog or the idea of the weblog at all. The list of “favorite blogs”, the archives listed in a weekly format, and an email address run alongside the left column. In the center is where you find the weblog content. A good chunk of the April archives seemed to be missing in action, as each time I tried visiting them, I wound up with a 404 Page Not Found message. There were only a total of less than 20 entries throughout the entire site.

Since the beginning of this weblog in March 2003, the author keeps promising photos of the travel to Belgium, but the photos still haven’t arrived. Most of the entries aren’t the author’s own personal views on Belgium, but rather various links to other sites about Belgium or random facts that author has found.

The extra information about Belgium and its geography, history, etc. would be a good addition to a weblog, but it takes more then that to make a weblog that attracts more visitors and keep people coming back to read more.

My Travel to Belgium

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