Review 2392

GGSearch. I have no clue what this blog is going to be about so I might as well dive right in. Oh wait, I know it should be something to do with computers, and my guess is something with searching but other than that, I have no clue. After entering the weblog, I know what GGSearch is – a search tool that uses Google to do the searches. More on what GGSearch is later.

So the weblog itself is rather interesting. It is mainly dealing with some issues with the GGSearch software, and what the author wants to do with it, and those sort of things a developer would ask. But then there are some random semi-personal but still kind of professional posts to liven it up a bit. The weblog is fairly well written, but I think the author does not speak English as a primary language. For the most part you would never know, but there are little hints and clues that you pick up. Oh yeah, his other site is named Fry Asian Fools which might give some insight.

The design itself is pretty boring. It has a standard two column layout with a colored line separating the columns and an all white background. Of course, I really can’t complain too much because most programmers are not designers. At least he takes advantage of the space properly with the design and it doesn’t hinder the use of the weblog.

So what is GGSearch exactly? Well its a piece of software you can download for your PC (sorry no Linux or Mac version) that will perform searches for you. But wait, that is what Google is for, and the Google toolbar. True, but this was created originally when the Google Toolbar would only work on IE. This will use any browser you chose. This is good for those people that need to be searching and searching and searching some more. Oh yeah, it is free.

Over all we have a good weblog. It has a specific point to it which gives it just that much more appeal. I know what I am getting into by reading this blog, and I like that. The only downside I see to this blog is what happens when development stops on GGSearch? The weblog will probably go down too. But until that happens, you can follow the development of a search tool.