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First off, I loved the name of this site… “Way Too Many Unruly Oranges…” Gawd knows I’ve often thought oranges would one day take over the world.. but they wouldn’t listen!… Anyways. WTMUO is a clean, well laid out site with a good number of great photos (be sure to hover over the pics for the alt tag descriptions – most have them anyways), curious links and many visitors who like to comment.

I enjoyed Imelda’s blog. The entries are usually her account of the days happenings with her spin and flair tossed in. She is honest and has a good sense of humor. It felt like she was talking to a friend about her day. After reading a few months of entries her blogging was fairly infectious. The even keel and consistently optimistic writing had won me over. Maybe it was her many warm salutations, such as ”Do, do, do … hope everyone had a nice weekend!” .

Imelda on the bugs in her room, “So I heard this buzzing sound and I was half awake thinking, “Where the hell are you, you stupid [insert choice of word] bug!!! It’s 3am and I want to sleep!!” So I waited till I heard it buzzing around and then flicked on the light to kill it and of course it stopped buzzing. Do they have the capabilities to stop in mid-air or something and be come invisible? How do they do that? And I’m sitting there in my bed completely still rapidly darting my eyes around the room looking and listening for any buzzing sounds. I never got the damn bug(s).”

Regardless if you like pulp or pulp-free, pour yourself a tall read of some Unruly Oranges. I think it would be great if she had a separate page with all her photos < wink wink nudge nudge > other than that, ’tis Wunderbar!

Finally, some advise from Imelda: “People, please! Delete the words “hella” and “hecka” from your vocabulary. Thank you.”. 😀
Way Too Many Unruly Oranges

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