Review 2240

At first sight, “what brings meaning”, has a clean, simple design. Nothing sticks out and it is comfortable to look at.

It is a personal weblog and it can be a little difficult to get to know the real girl behind the blog through some of the posts.

It is a very well written site, but many of the posts are really personal and clearly not meant for a random reader, or at least a reader that refuses to go through the archives to get a better idea.

This blog would also benefit from a commenting system, other than the guestbook. Reader comments would make it easier for a new visitor to get a clearer picture about the blog’s intentions.

Some of the posts are reflections and thoughts about different subjects, ranging from TV shows to love and more.

The design of “what brings meaning” is simple but fulfills the purpose of the site. A more complicated design would just feel inappropriate.

A very good feature of this site is the huge amount of information about the author. Many links reveal different aspects of the author’s life and even let a reader see some of her personal poems.

“what brings meaning” is a blog that will slowly introduce a reader into a talented girl’s life, but it definitely takes some time and reading through archives to be able to really begin to feel closer to the posts and to her of winds