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When it comes to video games, I’m old school Nintendo all the way – give me my Super Mario Brothers before they were in 3D and Duck Hunt where you always wanted to gun down that stupid hunting dog. I’ve played a small share of Playstation 2, and have heard the talk of all the cool features of the different new gaming units, and the great new perks of the latest and greatest games – that happens when you work for a major electronics retailer. But I couldn’t ever put together a weblog devoted strictly to video games.

“What’s your game?” comes to us from Will, and Will’s on top of things when it comes to video games. Probably the key factor in making people trust his opinion and continue to come back is that Will’s loves his video games. Clearly, they play a big part in Will’s free time, and who better to take video game advice and ideas from then someone like that?

Being someone that’s not right on top of the video game scene, I found myself sometimes clueless on various abbreviations that were used: IGI2 and PVP to name a couple. I wasn’t overly bothered by this, and instead just looked over the unknown acronyms and read what I did know. Hardcore gamers, or even those who play more than I do, will probably pick up on these right away and read them just as if they were every day language.

The layout of the site isn’t anything special. It’s a very slightly modified version of one of the standard Movable Type templates. With a site like this that’s main focus is video games and the liking, the layout doesn’t really matter. The text is readable and the colors are tolerable.

The creator of “What’s Your Game?” is Will. From the bottom of the main page, you learn some general information that even further “validates” his credibility of keeping a website such as this one. He’s a technical editor at Maximum PC magazine, where he keeps up “with the current happenings in 3D acceleration tech, games, operating systems, and networking gear”.

Will doesn’t go into great depth about the specifics of the various video games he plays, which cover PC games, Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, and basically any other type of game he can get his hands on. He just touches the main information, and gives his overall opinion of what he’s been playing as of late. He throws out a few of the pros and cons out into his overview of particular games, and other times you can tell just how good the game is by how much Will lets us know he’s playing it.

It might sound like this was the wrong type of a weblog for someone that’s not up on the latest in video games to review, or even to stop by and read, but that’s not true. Will is doing a fine job. He doesn’t expect all of his readers to be nearly obsessed with video games, but he does like telling those who are the finer points of the games he’s been playing. This weblog is definitely worth anyone’s time that has the slightest interest in video games.
What’s your game?

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