Review 2321

Yes I’m a gamer. So when I saw a site sub-titled: “3d accelerators, PC hardware, movies, music, books, games of all sorts, and things to do in san francisco..” I figured it would interest me, and for the most part it did.

Will’s site is entitled ‘What’s your game?’ The layout is uncluttered and simple, the blog is powered by Movable Type 2.63. Will is a writer for a Gaming magazine so that gives him clout with me. He offers a lot more than this sucks or this is soooo l33t!

Will offers some pretty insightful (and gamers-wanna-know insightful) reviews and comments on games. Here is one example on Rise of Nations:

‘The more I play this game, the more impressed with it I become. At the end of every real-time battle, in with all the other stats about technology and land controlled, is a section that tells you how you use the game. It tells how many formations you made and how many times you use them, how many hotkeys you press, how many clicks you make in the game field and in the UI. It’s extroidinarily cool, and I wish more games would give you those kinds of stats. A fighting game that saves profiles that tell you how many attacks to the head you take versus the number you dodge and other in-depth stats would be badass.’

Then later on the game game:

Rise of Nations is still a blast. I’m playing through my third Conquer the World campaign now, this time as the French. I figure if I can beat the game as the French on the Hard setting, I’m ready for online play. The turn-based Conquer the World section is good enough that it could be it’s own game. Hopefully, the Medieval: Total War people will tweak their turn-based game to be more Rise-like.

Will also has a few amusing personal entries, such this one about his party-hard-y neighbours:
4:00 PM Sunday: Dear Lord, will it never stop? What kind of maniacs leave the radio on for 30 hours? Are they doing some sort of unholy psychedelic drug in there and are just starting to come down? Did they die with the radio on? What’s wrong with them?. Heh. Who hasn’t been there?

Will talks about many, many games, some of the games mentioned : Planetside, Doom 3, Half-Life 2, Everquest, Tribes, Rise of Nations, Super Mario Sunshine, GTA: Vice City, Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, Desert Combat .35, WaveRace: Blue Storm etc. etc!

A solid site for gamers. It is always great to read someone elses take on a game before you cough up your coin for games. (Especially in light of how expensive they are becoming!) I think ‘What’s your game’ will help sort the must-haves and the ‘forget-about-its’.What’s your game?