Review 2304

This is what true weblogging is about – like a personal journal, or a diary you find lying in a chair. Upon submission of his site to The Weblog Review, the author classified it as an “entertainment” weblog. I wouldn’t agree with that, but left it in that category anyway.

For the most part, each post reads just like something someone would write in their own personal journal. They’re usually a few paragraphs long, and typically paint a picture you can almost envision or fill you in on the background details you need in order for the whole story to make sense. People often forget to do that in their weblogs leaving random readers (like myself in this instance) clueless as to what happened before or who exactly the people involved might happen to be. The only thing that I didn’t find out? The author’s name! And that’s not a complaint, because I’m sure there’s a good reason for it.

The archives go back to 2001, and through the past couple of years, readers experience the author changing apartments, jumping in and out of the notorious dating scene, and several of his reviews of movies and music.

Nothing too spectacular about the layout. By no means is it terrible, and in fact it works well for a weblog – clean, simple, direct, and just the right amount of graphics to keep it from being boring.

After the weblog, I wanted to check out what else the author has scattered about this site. This turned out to be a mistake, as I was instantly led to a link where I could play Connect Four online. There’s also a great “about” section, a “music” section where he covers music reviews, and for those soccer/football fans, his “football” section is one you won’t want to miss.

The author of is captivating with his words, and can tell stories with the best of them. The 4.0 rating is mainly due to the fact that he could suck me into a story and have me right there next to him. He seems like a regular, every day person that you can connect with and like connecting with. I’d suggest taking a peek, and following through his life for a few days. You might find one more site to visit on a daily basis.

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