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When you have a topical blog such as technology or war or even movies it can sometimes be difficult to stay on topic. But Mike is able to constantly talk about his Honda Pan, and has been doing so for quite some time.

The blog itself is very well written. Topics range from different trips, to work on the bike, to other motorists and their problems with driving.

At first I have to admit I wasn’t into this blog at all. I was thinking, how could this guy really blog about his Honda Pan so much? But then I decided to read the blog backwards (from the first post to the most recent post) and really got into it. I got to read about the journey from start to present which was amazing. All of the trials and tribulations, and it was told with a great amount of detail. Don’t let the archive link fool you though; he did take some time off from the beginning of the blog until more recently (5 months).

The design of the site is simple and yet functional. The blog is in the main column, with the links to stuff in the right column. The archives are in a javascript powered drop down menu which I did not like. While I see the functionality of it, it should have at least been powered by a submit button and not when an option is selected. The other part of the design that got me was the “posted by Mike…” line was just below the header and not the actual post. This caused some confusion through out the reading of the blog.

Over all this is a very well done blog. If you are interested in Honda Pans or just motorcycles in general you will probably enjoy this. The blog is not very long to read from start to finish and is a good one to read. I am glad I read the journey so far, and look forward to reading more about it.
Living with a Honda Pan European

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