Review 2223

The more entries I read at this site, the better I felt my own vocabulary was becoming. Maybe that’s why Josh refers My So-Called Strife as his “verbal bonanza”. To put it simply, Josh uses big words that just seem to flow naturally. When I use big words, they seem to stick out like a sore thumb throbbing so much you’d rather just rip it off.

In addition to his wonderful vocabulary, Josh is a VERY funny guy. He writes in a very conversational manner, which makes any weblog all the more enjoyable. Part of what makes My So-Called Strife such a humorous weblog is the way Josh does not hold back with writing about anything at all. Is running out of toilet paper something anyone would share on your weblog? Perhaps. But is sharing the resolution of that same problem something you’d share if it involved an old washcloth and the threat of skid marks? I don’t think I would. Josh, however, has no problem with it at all!

If it’s shock reaction he’s looking for, it certainly works. Just from reading entry after entry, I think that’s just how Josh is, though. He’ll say what’s on his mind and has no problem leaving out the details no matter how graphic or potentially self-embarrassing they might be. That type of attitude and writing style will definitely bring me back to read even more of his antics.

The layout is a simple one with the weblog portion of the site on the left, and several links running down the right. As far as I can tell, the appearance should be the same no matter what screen resolution readers are using. It’s a layout that works for what this site is, and that’s just Josh’s weblog. I found that the links he lists under “ephemera I like” are weblogs almost just as entertaining as My So-Called Strife.

Not to say that the weblog isn’t enough, however, because it’s much better then many, many weblogs I’ve read. I would love to see an “About the Author” section. Granted, through his posts you do find out information about where he works, or what he does in his free time, but after laughing nearly the entire time I read his weblog, I kept trying to figure out where this guy might have came from and what gives him this impeccable flair for being able to communicate things in such an entertaining way.

I bookmarked this site. I couldn’t help it. Why would I not want to add this site to my list of favorites? It had me laughing nearly the whole time I was reading, and when I wasn’t laughing I was thinking “Wow, that’s a good word” or “this guy really knows how to put together a string of sentences that don’t make me think I’ve been sitting here reading this for hours upon hours”. Trust me on this one. It’s worth your time just to take a peek at the last couple of entries. Those alone will hook you.

My So-Called Strife