Review 2266

For a relatively new blog, Michael Colbert’s is rather good. The writing is concise, and the dry sense of humour Michael injects into his entries makes the posts rather enjoyable to read. Michael’s blog is mainly used for sharing things that he came across in a day – be it online or real life. Along with the good writing, there are also picture posts, which add colour to the blog.

The layout is a typical Blogspot template, and the blog is quite well-linked. There are little bits of information on the side tables, E.g. the reason for this blog name, but nothing too informative. The blog is updated every few days or so, and you can subscribe to the blog to be informed when there’s a new post.

This being a ‘personal’ blog, it has incredibly minimal information on the author. Only after reading his posts, did I learn that Michael’s attached, has two cats and is slightly asthmatic. It would be really good if there was an ‘About Me’ page.

On the whole, this is a rather typical ‘personal’ blog where you read about the author’s day and thoughts. It’s a pretty straight and frills-free blog so if you want a quick read, this should be a good choice.
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