Review 2201

After reading a few entries and the raison d’etre for tabulae I wondered what I had stumped upon. The first entry describes tabulae as: “We mean this as a technocratic, elitist, politburo-style weblog.” I was expecting to read the intellectual masturbations of a bunch of self proclaimed “elitists”. I was however, pleasantly surprised.

What I found instead was an intellectual, in-depth, but very readable political discussion. (Ultimately good writing always wins me over…) It reminded me a lot of “Inside Washington”. Go figure.

With world events being as they are, it was interesting to read what political writers had to say about the many serious issues facing the world. The journal centres around the political analysis of four different authors (although most entries are only by two of them). Most entries are well documented with supporting links for further illumination or examples/evidence. I believe they do their homework.

tabulae is well designed and functions well, although a -top- link near the bottom of those long scrolling pages would be nice!

A taste of the politics:

Unfortunately, I must now advocate against war. I’m switching sides. In an ideal world, a preemptive war seems good, but, this is no ideal world. I think this administration is too incompetent to succeed. I think them to secretive to present our case to the world. I think them too simplistic to engage in ‘nation-building’ afterwards, especially with no allies. But most of all, I think them too willing to go ahead without consulting and informing the populace, and I will support no war that the people are not behind. Sure 70% want an invasion, but how many want an invasion if it takes 200,000 troops and 20,000 casualties. We are victims of our recent success, as now the people assume future war will be as clean as the last three. I think they are headed down the path of Vietnam, which paralyzed our f.p. for a decade afterwards. To again paralyze the US, in a similar post-Iraq decade of self-doubt would be far worse leaving the despot be.

A great metaphor (or is it a simile?):

Over beers the other day, a friend of mine said that Bush acts like that kid on the softball team, who, if you don’t play by his rules, packs up all his stuff and leaves. Of course it doesn’t help that this kid owns the best bat, most of the gloves, and the only ball that still has laces.

After some reflection, I amended this story. Bush is more like the kid (who has all the best stuff) that, if you don’t play by his rules, takes all his stuff away…and then beats the hell out of you with his baseball bat.”

And even though they poke fun at two things close to my heart (hockey and Canada):
“I agree with Woodrow. Therefore, we here at Tabulae are declaring a one month moratorium on discussing the Bush Administration. I don’t care if then invade Canada and nationalize the NHL. We are not talking about them here for rest of the month of January. Loyal readers who like to get their Bush bashing will have to wait until February 1 to get any of that here (yeah, I know it’s not quite a month). “
I found tabulae to be a surprisingly enjoyable read. Surprising because who knew you could enjoy reading about politics?

I don’t think this is a blog for everyone. However, I’m sure most readers will appreciate the well written insightful political opinions that tabulae shares. Well Done. Don Cherry for Prime Minister. tabulae in 2004!