Review 2167

Sugarcoated Bulletproof Marshmallows Smug-Face seems like a huge name for this blog, so I’m going to call it Sugarcoated for short. As Karene [the writer of Sugarcoated] does note, too much of something definitely can make one sick. Sugarcoated is a bright and pretty blog, but it seems to be at the expense of content and ease of navigation.

There seems to be exactly one entry on Sugarcoated. I could find no link to archives of any kind. After searching for a little bit I found a link to something called “Ka’s blog,” which I think must be Karene’s real blog, which is at Blogspot. So when the blog is called up, the Blogspot banner and all come up in the frame. It doesn’t really look very good with the rest of her design. According to Karene’s Blogspot blog, the blog has been in existence since September of 2002. Unfortunately none of the links to her older entries work – I get an error page instead. The only entries accessible are from Christmas through the present.

Warning: Sugarcoated is a religious blog. Karene posts religious poetry and songs and content, interspersed with pop song lyrics. Some of it might be her own poetry, but I’m not really sure. There is hardly any real content, other than Karene letting us all know that she’s a good religious girl.

In addition to the problems with her archival links, and my confusion over finding blog content, Karene explains her navigation on her main index page. If you need to explain to people how to navigate your blog, the navigation is too clunky. And the navigation at Sugarcoated really does need to be explained – it’s confusing.

For the most part, the content of Sugarcoated lies within the extras. Karene is part of an extensive group of cliques and rings, and wants you to rate her blog here and at Bloghop. She’s got ads and lots of buttons so you can link Sugarcoated, links to her favorite blogs and links to other sites of interest. And she’s got a tagboard, and a pop up window that tells us what Karene’s current cravings are that also brings up a huge Geocities popup ad.

I will not visit Sugarcoated again. I’m not interested in what little content Karene does have, and the navigational errors are enough to drive away anyone.

i spilt caramel on my pink skirt