Review 2171

For a teen blogger, sixteen-year-old Sidhe of is something
of a minor pro, and it shows. The design is as good as they come, the blog
has sufficient content, AND she has a webcam.

Unlike most teen bloggers, Sidhe does not record trivial information that
so fascinate the average teen blogger. She writes about happenings in her
life that affect her and her reflections on those happenings with clarity.
Because of this, and because she does not try to be cute (“Dashboard
Confessional is so cool. La la la.”), her blog comes across as mature and

I’d say the design of the site is immaculate. Everything is within easy
navigation: links arranged neatly in piles and archives in a pull-down bar.
One feature I loved: the blog content itself is in a separate frame so that
when archives are accessed, only that frame refreshes, instead of the whole
page. The layout is also impressive; background of a starry universe and an
eye-catching graphic.

As far as teen blogs go, is a 5.0 blog. Rather than try too
hard to be interesting, Sidhe simply blogs what she feels. As a result, her
blog captures teenage angst in all it’s true form.