Review 2071

Same news, but different is the tag line for this news site. It is a good statement to make about the site as it is the same news, but different.

The weblog is about news and events going on in the world. I like the idea that it is from a different perspective than I am used to, since the author is in Spain, and I am in the states. The news that is mentioned is typically what you can find on a specific day, but there are comments and editorial notes which make it more interested.

One thing I did like, but didn’t think it fit in this weblog was the personal posts. Here is a weblog that is posting about politics, religion, weird news, and then we get a post about his daughter. What? Where did that come from? While I enjoyed the personal entries, I think they should be on a separate page. They may be “news” to us, but they don’t really flow too well with the rest of the site.

The design is like most news sites. There are 3 columns with the content being in the middle. The color scheme is a mix of blue, white, black and gray. All of which can be found on a standard news type site. While the design is nothing original, it does do its job by separating the content properly.

Overall if you are looking for a different perspective on the world news, this is a good site to read. The author is good at updating multiple times a day, and writes well. So if you need a news fix, go check out Ibidem.

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