Review 2104

Ahh, to be fifteen again. With a glorious naïveté and being able to blog away without any sense. Oh to be thirty and have to review it. Sadly for Ziti it has been a loooong time since I could relate to a 15 year old.

This site is the writings of Ziti and they are all over the map. A lot of complaining about her server, school and boys. Little else. Maybe if you know Ziti this is of interest, if you don’t, try

She says she likes to draw. Are the graphics on the website done by you? Few questions are really answered, as the site is just the blog. Perhaps it is me, but I don’t like sites with just the blog. No contact info, little design, no about me, nothing else, just blog. She has it slated in “2) Start my about web page.” but hasn’t done it yet. With all the emphasis on the blog –it better be good-. But with entries like “The person sitting next to me now is Rima. She eats babies. And likes it. Isabelle is also sitting next to me. She rapes babies, and she really likes it. Lots. The end.” it is hard to take this site seriously. So I won’t.

The only thing that saved her from a sub 2 grade is the fact that she likes Black Sabbath. Yes, Ozzy to rescue again.