Review 765

I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect with a name of Mad Bull and picture of a bull on the main page. At least he is consistent.

The author has really good posts. I read them and it seemed like he is/was that guy you always want/ed to be. He is always having fun. Especially more recently due to the holidays, but that is ok. All of his posts are well written and are easily read. They also are a lot of fun to read. They keep you very entertained, and clue you in ever so carefully to more of the author’s life.

One thing that I didn’t notice before I started reading, but I should have, was click on the Actors link. He talks about a number of different people in his weblog and you don’t know who they are. But if you see who’s who in the actor list, you get a better understanding of his posts.

The design is nothing to go home and tell mom about, but it definitely is not that bad either. I like the fact that he does have a cartoon bull on the weblog, just to remind us that it is Mad Bull’s Blog.

Some of the links on the right side do not make sense. Some were for Jamaican sites, while others I did not have a clue about. Maybe a little bit of grouping would help.

Over all I thought the site was a fun one to visit. Even if you go and read the site for just the holiday events, you will find that it is an enjoyable site and almost be forced to read more into the site. I hope you enjoy your visit at the Mad Bull Blog.Mad Bull’s Blog