Review 1183

Tahnee writes so well. Whether it’s about her alarm clock not going off at the time it was supposed to, being the victim of a friend’s mom’s matchmaking skills, or even reading about the time she was nine years old and nearly drowned in a water park – the way Tahnee writes had me picturing myself being right there, closing my eyes after reading her entries and being able to clearly visualize everything that she’d written about. That makes for a great weblog to read.

Unfortunately for the time being, posts aren’t being made as often, but that’s because Tahnee has recently moved and her access to the internet is limited. I’m sure her readers and loyal visitors will be happy when her posts can come as often again.

I loved the opening image of this website. And I also liked the fair warning of the site looking “trashy” in anything but a 1028×768 screen resolution. And her warning is true – the site looks fabulous on that particular screen resolution, but anything else may not find the site with such an appealing appearance.

I can’t think of a word to describe the design of the site. It’s a lot of white, which normally doesn’t sit well with me. Tahnee’s design, however, takes the white, mixes it with some blues and grays, and it just looks overall very clean and clear.

The only thing I didn’t like about the design of this site was the scrollbar on the left hand side. I couldn’t ever see how far down the page I was, which made it a little frustrating when trying to read through the archived entries.

Overall, this is another great site to add to your bookmark list. Tahnee’s writing alone will persuade you of that.