Review 2100

Bearing in mind that Scaryduck won The Guardian’s ‘Best British Blog 2002’ award, I naturally had high expectations. The verdict: As far as humor sites go, Scaryduck is one of the best. It’s sole aim is to make you smile, grin, chuckle, and laugh out loud. It’s a focused site dedicated to making you, the reader, laugh.

Anything that’s funny is thrown in with no chronological arrangements, so we read about what happened on the bus last week before moving on to an entry about the blogger’s childhood pranks. There are links abundant embedded among entries, most of them pointless but amusing. Somehow, there’s always something hilarious happening around Scaryduck, and the writing style just amplifies the wacky-ness a hundred fold. If Scaryduck were a live comedian, he would be straight-faced, sarcastic and dressed in a suit, grinning a slightly fake grin after every joke while everyone else topples over with laughter.

The all-yellow layout matches the theme, with ducks and penguins scattered around. Since there is a navigation bar with archived blogs all listed, it is easy to get around. The ‘Moderately Evil Penguin (MEP) kidnaps Scary Duck’ touch is a nice one, with cute pictures of a bewildered-looking duck staring at the barrel of a gun and occasional entries by the MEP who ‘apparently’ has hacked into the blog.

Obvious effort has been put into this site, which accounts for the fleeting feeling that Scaryduck tries a wee bit too hard to make you laugh. Which is not a bad thing. Top notch stuff, this.