Review 1244

Upon my arrival at Meston, I discovered that the owner was on vacation in Australia and wouldn’t be posting for another two weeks. But that didn’t matter much because there was so much to read at his blog that I had plenty of things to enjoy until his return.

This is a blog in the very simplest sense – the focus is on journal entries, which is as it should be. His blog entries are rarely short and usually involve some interesting story or funny remark about people in his life. His “about me” page consists of three questions with the bare minimum of answers, but his blog entries helped me figure out who he was – a kid who just finished school and loves hanging out with his friends.

The only deviation from the blog comes with his jokes page, his pictures page (only a few there), and some rock link that was a bit annoying in that it wouldn’t allow me to close the popup without actually closing the whole browser. I suggest you avoid that one link. The design of the blog itself is simple and easy to navigate.

It is a near perfect blog – the only faults in my mind were the rock link and the lack of an “about me” page. But I look forward to reading about his return and his trip to Australia. From what I’ve read thusfar he’ll have some funny and interesting stories to