Review 1526

When one first fires up this blog, an image of a face covered up by two hands appears in the upper lefthand corner for some reason. Just as quickly, and without warning, the hidden face disappears behind the blog called “Becoming.” Do not forget to leave your shoes at the door before going any further. Or so it says.

The author of this blog is obviously a cat lover, so much so that he even compares his personality to that of a cat. He explains, “I am quite laidback, although unpredictable when it’s time to play. I like to ball my 6’4″ lankey-ass body on the couch and relax with a book (okay, cats don’t officially read) and I can be caught taking short naps throughout the course of the day. The only thing I’m missing is a set of whiskers and a tail (and four legs, I suppose).”

All cats and cat-like things aside, this German-English translator has a knack with words. His writings are crisp and clear and obviously quite entertaining (most of the time, that is). The topics range from personal to pretty general. Interspersed nicely between the longer pieces are what you could call very short blurbs of text. These add a nice balance to things.

You might want to check out his extra collection called “Becoming in depth” which is referred to as a spin-off at 90 miles an hour. These are more extensive article-like expositions on a number of deeper topics like modern day affair and events, music and such. Highly recommended.

Becoming is not out of the ordinary nor is it a masterpiece in web design. However, through its simplicity and straight-forward manner of presentation, this blog certainly deserves credit. The content more than over compensates any lack of presentation. After some study and looking around, I am still not quite sure what that image with the covered face is supposed to represent. But I have an inkling that it is part of some underlying and subconscious theme. Give this deserving blog a moment of your time and see for yourself what you think about it.Becoming