Review 1213

My first glance at was of a pleasant looking site with plenty of information, links, and goodies to read. At first it was a bit overwhelming, linkage on both sides of the blog made the site look a little crowded, but then again I’ve always been one to think more is always better then less. I was looking forward to this one.

The blog itself is good reading, but I can understand if many of you don’t feel as enthusiastic as I do seeing as most of the blog is computer related, though not all, and I found it quite interesting to read. Each post is filled with links as references, I like that, it helps provide a bit of background depth as to what Jerry is talking about. It’s not a terribly personal weblog, though I don’t think that takes anything away from the blog, reading about every single detail of a person’s life usually isn’t attractive reading. The writing style is good, but that’s not totally surprising as I saw the author does have plenty of writing experience, and reading each post was fluid.

The design of the site is nice, its nothing special, but it does the job and does it quite well. It doesn’t distract, though as I mentioned above, there is a little too much information on the one page. Nice sized fonts, a well-selected colour scheme, and simple (if not perhaps overdone) navigation make a pleasurable browsing experience. Archives are stored away tidily and the option to open outside links in a new browser just gives it a nice touch. Design wise, I couldn’t fault it, top work.

There are quite a few goodies on the site, a bio gives a very in-depth look at Jerry and his life, pictures, and links to other relevant sites make it quite jam packed. Comments and a direct link to each posting are also very attractive.

All up I feel like shaking the author’s hand and saying well done. is a fine site with plenty to offer especially if you like all things computers. I give the old boy two thumbs up and a 4 out of 5.

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