Review 1728

Almost Ripe is a blog about “Cartoons, TV Shows, Movies, Superheroes, Toys” and then some. It has a straightforward design that’s easy on the eyes and appropriately organized. Immediately, I clicked with the blog for I recognized the first game reviewed so I dug a little deeper, enjoying each little discovery as I found it. All manner of things pop culture are present here in this blog, from children’s music (go Wiggles!) to cult television classics.

Featuring a calendar of entertainment events available throughout the US (i.e., tours, movies, etc.), the site averages 5-6 entries each week. Since the site mostly focused on entertainment news, the majority of the posts are fairly short with embedded links to resources throughout the Internet; this is very useful if one wants to learn more about any given topic! There’s also an internal search engine, although when I searched for the latest entry, I wasn’t able to find it. Powered by Blogger, Almost Ripe features pop-up comments and links to individual entries. The blog’s writer, Ed Kaiser, is accessible via email.Almost Ripe

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