Review 1097

I read the intro as instructed at the start of the blog and saw that Wil was in Star Trek. On no, I thought, not a trekkie blog. He promised not that at all, so I read on…. if all else failed there were plenty of links there!!

I was captured right away! This guy is not adverse to poking fun at himself, and came across as being really down to earth! Not what I had expected!! He details the pains of his latest auditions but not in such a way that he came across as bragging. He tells it in such a way that you cannot help but wish Wil luck especially as he had to give up his family break to go to them. He has a passion for PlayStation too and in search of the perfect memory card! He is normal!

I liked the use of the blue menu bars at the sides so you can see the main content way from the links and stuff. There are alot of links that made me feel alittle daunted at first. The design is all Wil’s work, and he has taught himself so as not too have a lame site like other “celebs”! He aimed for a personal site and I think he has achieved this.

The links giving history of Wil is good and makes this the personal site that he aimed for. He also has a page for questions sent in by fans, and it makes for interesting reading, and again makes you feel closer to him. You can find out all you ever wanted to know about Wil here and maybe a few things that would surprise you.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this site. He does not come across as a celeb, just as a down to earth bloke, like the rest of us, trying to find a way to keep his head above water. I really enjoyed this blog and laughed at him and along with him. I think that anyone that is a Star Trek or Wil fan will be in their element here, or you could be like me, totally oblivious to it all and just enjoy the stories. I may have to beam myself back!! (Sorry Wil, just couldn’t resist it!!)


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