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Macaroni, macaroni, who’s got the macaroni? Lane McFadden’s site is definitely a good read. He claims that he is not really a geek, but that he just plays one on the Internet. Since he was a child, Lane has always had a fascination with computer technology. So he writes. Why he then chose to go to Law School is beyond me, but this career choice of his does us good for now. The many words he carefully pens in his daily blog entries are entertaining as well as provocative.

Lane the future famous lawyer has a good handle on down-to-earth kind of activities and he writes in a clear and very readable style. And there is much to read, including some really interesting long entries which you can discover on your own. His use of CSS and PHP adds that nice extra touch to his site. I especially liked his use of random quotes and pictures at the top left of each page. Since the beginning of his blogging days, Lane has gone through a number of style changes which one notices when looking through his archives. I found this a slight distraction (one wonders why he doesn’t take the time to make a single unified theme with his CSS expertise). However, he has settled down as of late and does a good job entertaining us.

On his blog there is also a discussion forum where fellow Bloggers can exchange words of wisdom, archives going back to August 2001, and a link gallery of his favorite blogs and humorous sites. You can even get to know him better by looking through his extensive photo gallery.

So why does Lane refer to his blog as Macaroni? Beats me. I did a search on his site and found only two occurrences of macaroni: “I spend that much in a year on Kraft macaroni and cheese…” (Review of the book ‘Coming into the Country’) and “Today I had macaroni and cheese…” (Monday, April 01, 2002). He probably did that on purpose to confuse posh obnoxious blog reviewers like me. When he reads that I even did a search for macaroni, he will most likely chuckle quietly to himself and feel good about it.

Some day Lane will grow up and finish off the Law School exams in style, allowing him legally to sue others like you and me. Until that time we are relatively safe and can enjoy his work in the comfort of our own homes connected to the Internet. I recommend this site for everyone of all walks of blogging life.Macaroni

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