Review 1041

From the start, it’s clear the creator of this site knows the value of

clear presentation. Pandagon, with it’s blue and white colour scheme,

and the visual Morse code theme (which reminds me of genetic

fingerprinting), instantly gave me an optimistic desire to get


Having read everything there is to read of the blog, I am left with

much the same, somewhat unfulfilled desire to read. With only three

entries on the current page, and two in the archives (both dated 29th

November, 2001), it seems this is a blog that has to be followed as it

is written. I don’t feel it’s enough to really give this blog the

review it may well deserve.

From what little there is at this time, it appears that Jesse, the

author, is doing a pretty good job. There is an entry that comes

across as a piece of creative writing, but other than that, the blog

strikes me as being Jesse’s reflections on things in and around

his life. From some of the writing, I get the impression that he is

quite an imaginative, perhaps even creative, individual. Comics seem

to feature quite strongly, but they are not what this blog is about.

To the right of the blog itself can be found the conventional sidebar

of links to other sites, archives, information about the author and

the site, and an email link. It’s quite clear what each section is

for, and there’s no clutter.

As well as giving a little information about himself, Jesse provides a

summary of the history of his websites. And, along with the blog,

that’s about all there is to this site. Having said that, Jesse also

links to his old university pages, and also his online diary, which

I found quite entertaining and humorous.

Pandagon certainly seems to be a good blog, well presented and

interestingly written, but I do wish Jesse kept archives! This is a

blog worth visiting, and I will be visiting again. With my optimism

still holding, I shall give this a four.


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