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Y’know, when in the very first post of a weblog you find quotes from the author like this: “you can learn so much from the people around you. and i just want to see the world in a different perspective”, you know you’re in for some pleasant reading.

Scattered throughout the weblog, Josh makes mention of God’s importance in his life or how he may be struggling to keep on the path of following God. While there are some people that choose to take religion too far, Josh does a nice job of not pushing his relgion or his beliefs out in an obvious or annoying way.

Before you steer clear from this site to avoid any Bible thumping, rest assured, there’s more than that here. I can still vividly picture Josh’s description of a fellow bus rider, which just happened to be female, reading a Playboy on the bus. His thoughts on music and recent events, for instance, are very well thought out, wonderfully written, and easy to understand.

Josh’s design is a simple one, the colors he’s chosen all look great together, and the layout makes each weblog entry easy to read.

Overall, Josh has done a very good job with every aspect of this weblog, and it’s worth the time to at least check it out.plume

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