Review 1022

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect from “naked thoughts” except your average blog where the writer posts about what they did that say, little observations on the way to the store or what stupid thing someone said. To my surprise, I found a pretty good weblog here.

Tiara is from Indonesia and English is a second language for her, which I learned through one of her posts. She writes English pretty well and even though the writing doesn’t flow, you’re still able to understand her pretty well. I liked that she was expressive in her writing and especially in a language that’s not her primary language. She doesn’t write about what she’s done that day, or what really annoys her like your regular weblog, but more about things that have meaning to her such as poems, emails that have substance to them or just what she’s feeling and thinking about a particular person or situation.

I got a bit confused with getting around this site, especially with the archives when I was looking for her archives. She has a drop down menu which first contains all regular areas of a site, FAQ, bio, archives, etc. However there are also links below, which change the drop down menu, which I didn’t get for a while. This needs to be more organized a bit. I like the main graphic on the site that contains the title; makes for an interesting image.

Overall this is a pretty good site. There’s stuff I like and don’t like about it, but mostly what makes this site strong is the writing and Tiara’s ability to express herself well through a language that’s not easy to learn or speak. A definitely visit if you want to read a blog with some meaning.naked thoughts

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